A universal website vulnerability exposes customer data and leads to non-compliance


Attackers exploit supply chain vendors and their uncontrolled access to customer data.


The website supply chain expands your attack service rendering you incapable of ensuring customer data privacy.


Unlock the potential of your website by expanding analytics and optimizing user experience.

Secure your Website | Unlock Potential and Performance

Your website is enriched with dozens of website supply chain vendors. They enable powerful functionality, but introduce significant risks to privacy, security, and performance. Attackers target these less sophisticated supply chain partners and the unmanaged, client-side connections, enabled via JavaScript, that provide them with intimate access and control of your business and private customer data.

A universal website vulnerability places security and customer data privacy at risk. Source Defense provides an entirely new and unique solution to prevent website supply chain attacks leveraging a fully automated and machine-learning assisted set of policies that control the access and permissions of all 3rd parties operating on a website.

  • Secure Web Sessions
  • Ensure Data Privacy Compliance
  • Enhance User Experience
  • Preserve Site Performance

The Source Defense solution ensures 3rd parties may only deliver the intended user experience and that these tools may not be leveraged for malicious data extraction or website alteration.

MageCart Website Credit Card Skimming Update:

Recently it was reported that over 800 e-commerce websites were compromised through this very attack vector by a threat actor named Magecart. The success and breadth of this campaign are evidence that current security controls are entirely incapable of preventing these attacks, leave customer data fully exposed, and create a non-compliant state due to the inability to control 3rd party access to customer data.

If we consider the true impact of this event it is absolutely astonishing. The Target attack on in-store point-of-sale systems from a few years ago was frightening, and that was only one organization. Given the growing consumer shift away from in-store towards ecommerce and the sheer number of global merchants affected by Magecart, this event is chilling in scope.

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