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A company’s website is a critical business asset in achieving its business objectives. Safeguarding such an important business asset has become crucial to its management. But this has become a difficult task, as more and more threats are now beyond the company’s immediate security perimeter and control.

This is especially true when dealing with threats generated by website supply chain vendors, which all websites use to maximize their business potential by enriching it with different features and capabilities, enhance user experience, gain critical insights and analytics and more.

Typically, organizations integrate multiple 3rd party JS partners in the construction of their websites. As we’ve seen in great detail with the accelerating Magecart and formjacking attacks, threat actors have figured out that they can circumvent an organization’s website security defenses by hacking trusted 3rd party JavaScript suppliers. By compromising a 3rd party an attacker has the identical level of control and privilege as the website owner. The reality is this: If your 3rd party JavaScript partners are compromised, you are compromised.

An inherent conflict of interest.

The Security perspective

CISOs are busy ensuring the company’s website is secure and that customer data and privacy, as well as important business information, are not compromised. As such, they view website supply chain vendors as weak links that introduce a universal, client-side website vulnerability that they cannot manage with the current digital risk management solutions available to them. This is why they insist on long and cumbersome review processes, before agreeing to integrate new 3rd party tools

The Marketing perspective

Maximizing a website’s business potential is one of the CMO’s imperatives. For that, they need to work with the latest 3rd party tools and make sure they have in their toolbox everything they need to advance the company to a leadership position. They need to integrate these tools quickly and efficiently to maintain or gain a competitive edge.

The Risk perspective

CROs are busy making sure the company is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements for handling customer data and privacy as well as specific regulatory acts such as PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and GDPR.
As such, they are very suspicious towards website supply chain vendors, since they have no control over their compliance policies and practices, yet can still be held accountable for non-compliance on their end. The result is, once again, a thorough and time-consuming review process that slows down the CMO that is looking to drive the business forward.

Source Defense: Coinciding everyone’s interests

Source Defense’s powerful prevention solution puts the worries of uncontrollable and unmanaged vulnerabilities generated by website supply chain vendors at ease, resulting in quick, easy and worry-free implementation of 3rd party tools, without having to worry about data leakages, breaches and compliance issue.

A win-win-win for all.

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Cleanly now has complete control over every 3rd party with access to our website and can now decide and control what every individual 3rd party script can see and do –Alex Prober, Cleanly’s CTO

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