Marketing & Analytics

Your organization’s website is a powerful customer engagement tool through which you communicate the brand, share and receive highly sensitive customer data, transact commerce and extract insightful analytics.

Much of the richness and insights integrated into the website are enabled by tools and enhancements delivered by website supply chain vendors. These JavaScript-enabled tools include analytics, trackers, chat capabilities, social media, and advertising – just to name a few. The typical corporate website employs multiple dozens of different 3rd party vendors.

As a business leader you must be increasingly aware and respectful of the impacts to security, risk, compliance and performance that the utilization of these website supply chain vendors introduce into your organization. These website supply chain vendors introduce an unmanaged vulnerability that could jeopardize your business, brand, customers, and data. You should learn more.

“Skyline selected Source Defense’s VICE service to protect our corporate web presence and our site visitors from security and privacy risks that had previously been unmanaged,” –Skyline Chairman and President.

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