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You do everything possible to keep your patient records safe and secure.  Unfortunately, there are some things that are out of your control. If hackers get hold of one of the third-party scripts on your site, you can’t stop them from exfiltrating sensitive private patient data stored, accessed or entered on your organization’s website.

The website is increasingly central to a healthcare organization’s customer and interactions.  Unfortunately, the Internet has significantly extended an organization’s necessary security perimeter since enabling and enriching a website allows hackers to take advantage of the fact that the attack surface extends across the entire Internet.   This website attack surface includes a great many supply chain vendors which enrich the website customer experience and help extract insightful analytics.

These supply chain vendors (and the hackers that exploit them) introduce a universal client-side website vulnerability that grants nearly unlimited access to every element or your web pages on the client side through completely unmanaged connections with corresponding external 3rd party servers.  Making matters worse, these 3rd party website supply chain vendors are almost certainly less secure than the typical enterprise. This provides hackers with a comparatively simpler path to access your website content, data, and customers.

Should one of these website supply chain vendors become compromised, as we’ve seen well illustrated in the Magecart breach, a malicious threat actor has full access to the webpage.   At risk is:

  • Patient Data Theft
  • Sensitive Records Exfiltration
  • Reputational & Brand Damage
  • Lost Revenue
  • Fines & Compliance Violations (ex. GDPR, HIPAA)

Eliminate vulnerabilities introduced by the vendors you rely on for website enhancement, personalization and analytics

Source Defense provides an entirely new and unique approach focused on preventing vulnerabilities and attacks introduced through the website supply chain. Through first-of-its-kind isolation and segmentation technology, Source Defense leverages a fully automated and machine learning assisted set of rules and policies that control the access and permission of all 3rd party JavaScript code operating on a website.   The Source Defense solution ensures 3rd party JavaScript may only deliver the intended website experience and that these JavaScript tools may not be leveraged for malicious data extraction or website alteration.

Source Defense provides a compelling security and data privacy compliance solution as well as a critical business enablement tool. It provides controls and visibility to provide confidence in operating websites securely and does so without introducing additional latency that is the common burden of the majority of other security tools focused on securing the corporate web experience.


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