Demo: Data Theft from Your Website

Demo: Data Theft from your Website

Source Defense will simulate an attacker leveraging a universal website vulnerability to exfiltrate or modify your website data.

This custom walkthrough of the attack methodologies leveraged to create this demo serves to illustrate the significant security issue that currently resides on your web property.

This issue creates significant security, data privacy and compliance considerations that must be addressed.

To help quantify the risk associated with this vulnerability Source Defense can provide the number of third parties integrated on your site that create this security vulnerability.

Source Defense Solution

Source Defense’s VICE. (Virtual iFrame Containment Enclosure) patent-pending engine handles scripts without requiring special (out of standard) changes to it. It creates a virtual enclosure, somewhat like a web session sandbox, insulating the web session from third-party tools ensuring only desired privileges and functionality are exposed to the third party and that the customer experience is as optimally desired.

Who is Source Defense?

Source Defense prevents attacks originated through 3rd party JavaScript vendors. All websites include these integrations as they enrich websites with engagement and analytics. Through first-of-its-kind isolation and segmentation technology, Source Defense leverages a fully automated set of rules and policies that define the access and permission of all 3rd party JavaScript operating on a website.

Data used during the demo

Data is collected passively and non-intrusively through both publicly-available and proprietary security risk intelligence sources. We do not enter company networks or systems to collect this data. Our platform provides outside-in visibility to illustrate important security issues your organization must consider.

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