Our team was tailored to understand the full weight of the third-party script danger and has a unique perspective on the third-party ecosystem. Each of our leaders experienced the pains of working with third-party scripts from multiple angles, working in both technology companies manufacturing third-party solutions, and the sites that incorporate them.

  • Dan Dinnar CEO

    Dan Dinnar is the CEO of Source Defense

    A 20+ years veteran of executive leadership, deal making and strategy in the IT/Security industry.
    Dan was most recently the Co-founder & COO of Hysolate, a Team8 company. He also was the CEO of HexaTier (formerly GreenSQL), and led the company through its restructuring, growth, financing and acquisition negotiations leading to the sale of HexaTier to Huawei Technologies in December 2016.
    Dinnar holds a B.A. in Economics and Business from the Technion – Israel Institution of Technology.

  • Hadar Blutrich CTO & Co-founder

    As the CTO of the Source Defense, Hadar brings more than 15 years of varied executive experience, leading teams and developing multiple out of the box solutions. Formerly Chief Solution Architect at LivePerson global sales and alliances team, Hadar’s can do approach helped to close contracts worth millions of dollars. A technology leader, leading projects with industry giants such as Bank of America, Chase, and others working closely with their R&D and security teams.

  • Avital Grushkovski EVP Product & PS & Co-founder

    Avital is a product leader, with a proven track record of delivering out of the box solutions from concept to market and keeping the product in the spearhead of its area. With a rich history of creating and leading professional services teams, He is a strong believer in understanding what the client needs rather than asking what they want. Before co-founding Source Defense, Avital led the product and professional services of two ad server companies, and lead the integration work of multiple startups and technological solutions in a major publisher.

  • Ross Hogan GM US Office & Chief Revenue Officer

    Ross Hogan is a global cybersecurity executive specialized in executive leadership, global sales management, and corporate strategy. Ross has led multiple high-growth, high-profile cybersecurity startups to global success, delivered exceptional results for his customers, and returned extraordinary value to shareholders. Prior to Source Defense, Ross provided executive advisory to the leadership teams of multiple early stage cybersecurity startups, served as the Global Head of the Fraud Prevention Business at Kaspersky Lab, and Directed Channels and Partners for Trusteer (now an IBM company).

  • Courtney Brady VP of Marketing

    As the VP of Marketing, Courtney brings 15 years of experience marketing to a wide variety of B2B technology products and services including cyber security, healthcare technology, and information technology. More recently, Courtney was Chief of Staff at Distil Networks where she was employee number five and was integrally involved in the company’s acquisition by Imperva.
    Courtney has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communication from North Carolina State University and a certification in Agile Management. Courtney lives in northern Virginia with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.

  • Yehuda Granot VP R&D

    As a proud alumni of the 500 Startups accelerator in SF, Yehuda is both an experienced entrepreneur and a veteran tech leader.
    He brings over a decade of experience in creating, leading and building up exceptional R&D teams.
    Prior to joining Source Defense, Yehuda delivered cutting-edge technology in one of the few unicorns in Israel, taking on the hard challenge of transition from a startup to a global company.

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